St. Marks Wildlife Tours
Nestled on the edge of the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, just south of Tallahassee, Florida is the quaint town of St. Marks.  St. Marks Wildlife Tours/SaltwaterNOW offers a variety of wildlife and ecosystem viewing tours to enhance your appreciation of these incredible resources.  Experience St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge via St. Marks Wildlife Tours;  venture out into our Gulf of Mexico and experience our incredible coastal fishing!
Discover St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge BY WATER!
Bobcat/Mullet at the Refuge - every trip is different - Guaranteed!
To best experience the incredible nature of the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, the St. Marks and Wakulla Rivers and our Gulf of Mexico, a guided boat tour with a knowledgeable naturalist is a must.

USCG Licensed Capt. Tony Murray is a biologist, conservationist and accomplished fisherman.  The
Apalachee Cat (26' Catamaran with twin 150 4-Stroke Suzukis) optimizes comfort and performance for our waters of the Apalachee Bay of our Gulf; please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions about visiting, touring or fishing in our area waters; I'm at 850.228.4114 or email me at
Tidal marsh viewed from the St. Marks Lighthouse area; photo by Mike Carlton
Rates for touring and fishing
Conserve, Educate, Enjoy and Leave No Trace
Updated 5-29-10
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St. Marks Wildlife Tours
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This entrance portal is linked to a wide variety of unique conservation sites with current information on tides, fish activity (solunar tables), fishing articles, conservation issues, weather, navigation, marine educational initiatives, local shark conservation network and marine related and supportive businesses within our Tallahassee and St. Marks area.
Thank you for visiting my site.        
USCG Captain Tony Murray

    Please contact me at:
        (850) 228-4114 (c)
        (850) 893-8939 (o)
Fishing is INCREDIBLE!
Partnerships In Our Conservation Community
Quality Taxidermy Through Catch and Release Conservation!  We take pictures and measurements of your catch and then Mike can make you an exact replica!  The fish is released unharmed!
Contact Mike Reinhart, the owner of RR Taxidermy!
GULF OIL SPILL INFO AND UPDATE for our area at the St. Marks Lighthouse at the mouth of the St. Marks River as of 5/29/2010:  No Sheen, No Tar Balls, No known impacts identified or reported in our direct area; report from Capt. Tony Murray
The Big Bend Coastal Conservancy Coming SOON!  A Non-Profit to protect our Coastal Resources - our range includes Franklin County's Coastal zone to Dixie County's Coastal zone and includes Wakulla, Jefferson and Taylor County.  Contact us for more information! Coming June 2010!